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Disclaimer for this blog and anything else you may read that I have written/shared :

I sometimes blog about my life with Obsessive Compulsive Disorder, anxiety and low mood/depression.
Everything is written from my perspective and just my opinion unless stated otherwise.
What I share is not generalized, everyone has different struggles. So when referring to OCD etc., I am not saying it is the same for everyone. Just speaking for myself.
I am not a professional or a therapist,
any experiences or advice I share that you may choose to try or take on board are completely your choice.
I am not accountable for your decisions or actions.

Something you should know :
Part of my OCD is feeling anxious about doing and saying the wrong thing.
Whether that is in person or not.
I worry about my blog posts. I worry about my tweets.
At this present moment I have 5 blog posts in draft form, finished.
But due to my perfectionism and obsessing over them that's where they have been for months now.

It comes down to two parts.
Part one : Making sure that the wording is correct, that I have featured every possible point I was hoping to talk about, correct grammar, good spacing, comfortable to read with regards to length and style of post.
Part two : The worrying about offending someone, getting someone into trouble, saying something wrong. Fear of something being taken in a negative way which will never be intended.

You'd think that writing on a blog was easy but it's not when you have an illness like this one
- at least, it's this way for me.
There will be times that I will put a post up and it will disappear. I will have taken it down due to anxiety and fear.
I hope you can understand and maybe even some of you will be able to relate?

Thank you for reading, I'm doing my best as I love writing my blog and making videos :)

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