Monday, 22 May 2017

Primark Brush Review

When it comes to my makeup addiction – yes addiction ;) - I am ALWAYS drawn to two things.
Eyeshadow palettes and... Brushes ♡
As you can see...
So when watching a couple of YouTube video's from Samantha mentioning a Primark brush I felt the need to test it out myself.
Off I toddled to my local Primark and picked one up.
After it had been washed and dried I gave it a go and... Oh boy!
I am super impressed!!
I don't have any other brushes in my collection that are this shape and it fits perfectly in my socket providing me with
the perfect application through the crease/transition area.
The tip of the brush can be used quite precisely which I was surprised with as it isn't the smallest brush ever, but I have found
that with a steady hand and time it can be used quite easily.
I was so impressed with my first brush that I picked up two more... See? Addicted 😜
The fibres are synthetic which makes them really easy to clean and so far I haven't had any shedding :O
I really love the rose gold detailing on the ferrel, I think that it spruces it up a bit and makes it look slightly higher up the price range than it is.
Which brings me to my favourite part about this brush. The price.
It will set you back £1...!!!
Unbelievable :')
- size comparison with a MAC 217 -
I am absolutely in love with these brushes.
I love it when a product shocks me (in a good way) and this one has knocked me off my feet!
I'm constantly reaching for it. I used it for my crease/transition work in the look below and it just works perfectly.
- look created using the Morphe 35O palette -
Cannot recommend this brush enough so please do yourself a favour and pick one (or three ;P) up and enjoy! :D
I have a video up about this brush if you'd like to check it out here's the *link* 😊
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